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"How to fulfill a childhood dream ? " Or

"Safe leopard with residence in Moscow (Russia)."  


    How often have you sat at home and watched a wildlife program and thought to yourself what magnificent beautiful animals? How often have you asked yourself how it would feel to touch and be in the presence of wild cat instead of just seeing them on TV? Just imagine to yourself the majestic and graceful soft pawed steps of a leopard in your living room and laying by your feet keeping them warm! You asked the parents to have a child at home seen on TV wildlife ? Most commonly you want to see on your chair or couch real wild cat . Just imagine the majestic and graceful leopard walks soft paws on your carpet and laid at your feet!


   "This is impossible to dangerous and crazy!" – Is the normal response I hear from people who have a strong love of majestic cats and never stop dreaming ...

   What if your children ask you to have a leopard in the house, how will you respond without bringing tears to their eyes? We now live in exciting times, where you can stop dreaming and answer your child with a positive, " Yes" .

   Of course it will be no leopard, no dangerous cat but instead meet the beautiful majestic Bengal cat . This is a domesticated and affectionate cat, very playful with lots of energy, however it has an appearance and character - a real leopard. An agile, graceful, stunningly beautiful and elegant cat who will quickly become one of your family. The Bengal cat fears no water and meows with a lovely wild voice she will approach you with stealth and love, however in contrast with their wild relatives, Bengal cats are not aggressive, very fond of loving touches and communication, and always ready to play. 

   In wanting to fulfill your families dream it is important to the right Bengal kitten. Purchasing the "little leopard " in a questionable location can cause your dream to become a nightmare with a potential cat which was not breed properly from pure breeds and you may end up with a cat with traits closer to its wild relatives than a true household breed Bengal Cat.

  Therefore to avoid a wildly aggressive animal, which is difficult to communicate with do your research and pay the price to a real breeder of the Bengal cat and as a result, you will get and enjoy a real " home- leopard ", which has all the wonderful and majestic features of this amazing breed of feline.


   Caution; Bengal cat is not suitable for those who prefer a lazy so-called "Divan" feline . This breed love to communicate, play with toys and to run and jump. This feline loves affection and companionship.


   Are you interested in having your own Bengal Cat or learning more about his majestic feline? Then simply call us and we will be happy to answer your questions or let you know about the latest litter available. So call us by phone +7 (985) 364-9199 or leave your request on the "Contacts" page.


   We are located in Moscow, so you can always make an appointment and visit us to see our beautiful Bengal Cats and don’t forget our prices are quite reasonable for such an elegant feline.